Sunday, July 27, 2014

Daddy's Birthday!!

Last night we celebrated Lucas' birthday with a cookout at our house with family!!! It's what Daddy wanted and so it's exactly what Daddy got and I couldn't think of a better way to spend a birthday!! My sweet younger husband turns 33 today! 

Grayson was so happy to help Daddy blow out the candles! (And if you're wondering why our son is wearing a Christmas tree shirt it's because he came downstairs and had completely dressed himself for the first time ever and we were just too proud of our sweet boy to make him change :)!!)

Of course my mom needed a birthday hug from her son-in-law!

Me and my favorite guy!!

Pop Pop and sweet baby girl!

Grayson helped Daddy with his gifts as well!!

In the meantime, this little one was sneaking some cake!


Happy girls!

Daddy with our sweet kiddos!!

And with Aunt Amanda and Uncle Dave!

Happy Birthday my love!!! I'm so thankful we get to share this life together and I'm so happy to celebrate you on your special day!!! I love you!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Birthday Parties Galore!!

This weekend was full of birthday parties for sweet friends!!

Saturday afternoon was Caedman's 2nd birthday!! Unfortunately the weather was rainy, but that didn't stop these kiddos from having a blast outside!!

The birthday boy!!

He had a "kid wash" birthday party and everyone brought their bicycles to take through the car wash! Such a cute idea!

After that party we were headed to Cole's 1st birthday!! He had a carnival themed party and the sweets were definitely not lacking!! Grayson enjoyed cotton candy for the first time!

The sweet birthday boy with his Momma!!!

This little lady had quite the time as well!!!

Sweet friends!

Then, Sunday afternoon we had Elim's 3rd birthday! Elim is Grayson's best bud from school and had his party at the Bowl and Bounce!! These two had a blast bouncing their hearts out!

And then Grayson got to bowl for the first time ever and had such a "ball"!!

And of course he had to try out the motorcycle before we left! This kid LOVES motorcycles and tells Mommy almost daily that he will have one when he grows up one day!!! 
Not so sure about that kiddo!!

All in all it was a busy, but super fun weekend!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Bonclarken 2014!!

We just returned from 4 days in Flat Rock, NC with our church at the Bonclarken retreat center. This is an annual camping weekend that our church has, but this was our first time going and we had a ball!!! It was our first time to travel anywhere as a family of four as well and I must say that it was a success. There were some bumps (aka fussy kids) along the way, but we all survived and had a great time in the process!!!

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and got settled in our cabin. It just so happens that one of my best friends' parents have a house in Flat Rock and we were so thankful that they let us stay there free of charge! And a big bonus was the friendly goats right outside the cabin!! The kids loved it!

 It took Grayson a little while to warm up to them!

Friday morning we woke up and explored the downtown area close to us and took the kids to a little children's museum called Hands On! They loved it!!

By the second day, Grayson was much more comfortable with the goats and even fed them some grass and weeds!!

Ella Grace was happy to feed them as well!

The rest of our days were full of hanging out at the camp site with our friends, eating and enjoying fellowship together!!

Grayson was pretty much a dirty, muddy mess the entire weekend and loved every second of it!! He rode his bike non-stop with his buddies and had the time of his life!!

Ella Grace hung out with her buddy as well!!!

These two little cuties were even holding hands!!

This face pretty much says it all!! 
This was as Grayson was flying down this big hill and almost gave everyone a heart attack!!!

A little family soccer game!

This girl just wanted to get down and play in the mud with her brother. 
Next year sweet girl, next year!!

Saturday night we had a Psalm sing night!!

Followed by homemade ice cream!!!

The perfect ending to a perfect day!!!

After a quick breakfast and wonderful sermon Sunday morning we were on our way home!! 

We are so blessed to be part of such an amazing church family and look forward to this annual tradition!!!